Al Bayan Media continues to enhance its capabilities in delivering a unique digital experience through an ever expanding digital portfolio comprising of;

  • Innovation
  • Media
  • Entertainment

Meet Our Babies

What’s good for the business is good for the customer…luckily we understand both.

We don’t develop for ourselves. We don’t develop for clients. We develop for the people.

That’s why we provide behavior based consumer driven engagement.

Local entertainment, global viewership.


We extend local Ugandan content to a global audience. We have digitized Uganda’s local media content (TV and Radio) plus premium channels like BBC, Aljazeera, Sky news, CNN.

We are ensuring that all Ugandans here at home and those living and working in the diaspora have the ability to keep updated, educated and entertained with all things Ugandan.

With our flagship application, subscribers will be able to pause live programing, record programs, and have access to live Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and catch-up with their missed shows for up to 50 hours.

YOTV Channels can be accessed on the Android Playstore, IOS and on the web through

Our time, our rhythm, our rhyme.

Music256 will provide Ugandans with a platform to select, watch and listen to Ugandan video and audio Music.

From golden oldies, swinging 60s, kindandali and anything in between.

Our subscribers will be able to stream the best playback quality to Android, iOS, and Web

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